Australian Lowline steers get
74% to 76% dress out when
put to the test by Queensland butcher.
Australian Lowline small Angus cattle developed scientifically
The proof's in the eating. In an evaluation in Queensland, dressing percentages for two purebred 25-month-old Lowline steers reached 76.13 and 74.21, well above the 70% figure aspired to by other breeds. The figures were provided by The Raw Sausage, Queensland butchers for 43 years. Butcher Graham Zahl attributes the high dress out percentage to lower bone content.
Cut Steer A
75.5kg per side
Steer B
87kg per side
T-Bone 5.74 5.06
Fillet 0.55 0.72
Rump 2.66 3.56
Round 2.86 3.05
Topside 4.04 4.49
Silver-side 4.04 4.69
Shin 2.50 2.43
Y-Bone 5.24 5.99
Brisket Rolled 2.27 4.24
Roast Rolled 6.40 5.99
Skirt 0.71 1.30
Premium Mince 12.0 13.26
Sausage Mince 6.0 6.78
Rib Fillet 2.43 2.77
Bones 11.0 14.78
Fat 7.0 7.58
SUB TOTAL 75.44 86.69
Less Fat and Bones 18.0 22.36
TOTAL 57.44kg 64.33kg
RESULT 76.13% 74.21%

Australian Lowline cattle, true beef cattle.
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SERIOUS BEEF CATTLE Australian Lowlines are serious beef cattle and have won major carcass contests against Australia's best cattle including the Supreme Champion Beef Carcass at both the Ekka (Brisbane Royal Show)and the Melbourne Royal Show.

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