EASY UNASSISTED CALVING plus smaller beefier calves from your valuable Jersey and Friesian dairy heifers ...
Australian Lowline small Angus cattle developed scientifically
  1. Lowline bulls throw very small calves which cause minimal stress to your valuable Friesian or Jersey dairy heifers. Expect 23kg to 28kg birth weights from Friesian heifers and lower from Jerseys.
  2. Expect unassisted calving. An Oz dairy farmer who has joined Lowline bulls to his dairy heifers for the last 12 years, reports no assisted births, no abortions and no empty heifers during that period.He was so pleased with the results that he leased the next door farm to grow them on as dairy beef, an operation now in place for nine years.
  3. Shorter gestation,  from seven to 15 days less than with other breeds of bull, so you'll get around 10 days more milk plus greater management flexibility. 
  4. Small but nimble. Young Lowline bulls can cover heifers as big as a Brahmin. Friesian or Jersey dairy heifers are a breeze.
  5. You can buy Lowline bulls young and keep them for six years or more without sacrificing fertility or over-stressing your dairy heifers. Lowline bulls weigh 650 to 750kg at maturity and  are renowned for their fertility. 
  6. Bull maintenance is less costly because Lowline bulls eat less than your present bull.
  7. Calves  will be  black, BEEFY and glossy.
  8. You'll get a quality calf every year and they'll be in high demand. In Tasmania Lowline x Friesian calves have topped the price for day-olds at $A220 per calf for a complete pen. Unbelievable,  but it's true.
  9. Lowline x dairy calves  are placid,  easy to handle, easy on fences, very suitable for lifestyle blocks or small acreages and produce extremely high quality beef. A pleasure to farm.
  10. Surprisingly profitable. On Oz grazing country, Lowline X Friesian steers are replacing the traditional three year bullock with a 24 month finished steer at a live weight of around 490 kg.  Four hundred day growth rates are exceptional and in NZ conditions they finish even earlier.

Australian Lowline cattle, true beef cattle.

Casablanca Lowline Stud, based at Whangaehu near Wanganui, New Zealand (previously at Kumeu, Auckland) welcomes your contact about Australian Lowline Cattle.

Casablanca is looking for a future partner (or partners) with adequate land in the lower or central North Island) to help us continue this well known stud as our ages advance.
No money need change hands.
Contact us for further details.
You can ring us on New Zealand 06 342 6670 or Email us 

SMALLER BETTER CALVES You may have had problems using Angus bulls over dairy heifers in the past, but Lowline Angus,while having 100% Angus genes, also have a very compact frame. You'll get a smaller,trouble free, faster maturing calf which local lifestylers will want to grow on. There is a whole farmers' market industry centred around Lowline Angus x Jersey calves in South Auckland.

Because Lowline Angus x dairy steers produce meat with such good marbling and just the right amount of sub-cutaneous fat, they win carcass awards against all comers.

Judy and David Sainsbury, Casablanca Lowline Stud, 16 Haunui Rd, Whangaehu, Wanganui, New Zealand.
Telephone:(New Zealand)06 342 6670. Mobile:0224026559. Email:lowline@casablanca.co.nz

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