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Australian Lowline small Angus cattle developed scientifically
Father of champions, Aberdeen Angus sire Earl Marshall

ABOVE: Earl Marshall, father of
nine championship winners at the Chicago International Shows and the ancestor of all Australian Lowline cattle alive today.

BELOW: The Hon J.D.McGregor
who supplied the foundation stock for Trangie, including two outstanding grandsons of Earl Marshall.

Cattleman J.D.McGregor bred many Aberdeen Angus champions  
Australian Lowline Angus are descended from the very best Angus stock.

In 1877, the Hon.J.D.McGregor founded the Glencarnock stock farms in Manitoba and stocked them with pedigree Aberdeen Angus imported from Scotland. Glencarnock went on to become the largest, single, intensive farming operation in Western Canada. The Glencarnock herd was legendary. It provided the foundation stock for many of the top Aberdeen Angus herds established on the Prairies of both Canada and the US.

Top bull in North America in those days was Earl Marshall, one of the most magnificent Aberdeen Angus that ever lived. He sired nine championship winners at the Chicago International Shows, then the biggest cattle shows in the world.

One of these champion sons was Blackcap Revolution, described at the time as the best Aberdeen Angus bull in the world. Two of his sons, Brave Edward Glencarnock and Glencarnock Revolution were the foundation sires at Trangie Research Centre in Australia. A cow and calf and 17 heifers made up the balance of the Glencarnock shipment.

McGregor's influence on Canadian farming was tremendous. He was instrumental in removing Manitoba's early concentration on wheat and helped to make the new country a land of varied agriculture.But his greatest love was always cattle. He was so respected by North American cattlemen that they hung his  portrait in the Saddle and Sirloin Club in Chicago, the greatest honor that a cattleman can receive.

In 1929,the same year that some of his top cattle went to Trangie, McGregor became lieutenant-governor of  Manitoba and much of the information on this page (including McGregor's picture) has been provided by the Manitoba Hall of Fame.

Australian Lowline cattle, true beef cattle.

Casablanca Lowline Stud, based at Whangaehu near Wanganui, New Zealand (previously at Kumeu, Auckland) welcomes your contact about Australian Lowline Cattle.

Casablanca is looking for a future partner (or partners) with adequate land in the lower or central North Island) to help us continue this well known stud as our ages advance.
No money need change hands.
Contact us for further details.
You can ring us on New Zealand 06 342 6670 or Email us 

Australian Lowlines, which have 100% Angus genes on a more compact frame, are designed to be smaller and to mature earlier than beef cattle of other breeds.

Despite being smaller, like all Angus, Australian Lowlines provide high quality cuts of meat with good marbling and the right amount sub-cutaneous fat. They are serious beef cattle that win awards against all comers in carcass competitions while being cute enough for any lifestyler. They are placid and manageable and don't pug your paddocks like cattle of larger breeds.

While Australian Lowline Angus are small, easily handled and extremely docile, they're serious beef cattle and have won major carcass contests against Australia's best including the Supreme Champion Beef Carcass at both the Ekka (Brisbane Royal Show)and the Melbourne Royal Show.

Judy and David Sainsbury, Casablanca Lowline Stud, 16 Haunui Rd, Whangaehu, Wanganui, New Zealand.
Telephone:(New Zealand)06 342 6670. Mobile:0211433204.

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